Suyoung Bae defends!

 Posted by on 07/03/2020
Jul 032020

I am proud to announce that Suyoung Bae, my second-ever PhD advisee (co-advised with Howard Lasnik), has defended her thesis!

The thesis is an investigation of Korean amwu-. Suyoung shows that this negation-dependent expression is neither a Negative-Polarity Item (NPI) nor a Negative-Concord Item (NCI), but instead, a third type of negation-dependent item, whose distribution is governed by purely syntactic factors: constituency, the restrictions on A-movement, and the restrictions on long head movement. On the way, she makes novel observations about “radical reconstruction” in Korean (spoiler: it’s not always radical!) and consequently, about long-distance scrambling in Korean (it can’t be “PF movement”), how Cyclic Linearization constrains subextraction from complex noun phrases, and more.

I hope Suyoung makes the thesis available on lingbuzz once she has filed it – in the meantime, if you are interested, please get in touch with her!

Congrats, Suyoung!