Sep 262018

Here’s a handout for a new paper, which I just presented at the 1st Annual Thematic Workshop of Linguistics in Gottingen (LinG1, theme: “Agreement and Anaphoricity”).

(Note that this is a revised handout, not the exact one I presented at LinG1; it was prepared for a later talk, and incorporates some of the feedback and comments I received when giving the talk at LinG1.)

The paper argues that the Anaphor Agreement Effect (AAE; Rizzi 1990, Woolford 1999, a.o.)  – often taken as support for a reduction of anaphoric binding to agreement (see, e.g., Reuland 2011)  – in fact provides fairly strong support for the exact opposite conclusion, namely, a complete divorcing of phi-feature agreement from anaphoric binding.

See also the research and talks & handouts pages.

UPDATE: A more up-to-date version of this work is now available!