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Jan 012020

At the polite urging of the particle linguist, I have been thinking about adding a blogroll to my site. (As keen observers will discern, this urging is about a year old now… Better late than never!) As the particle linguist points out, this is standard practice in other blogospheres, and it strikes me as just plain good online citizenship.

One problem is that my blog is essentially a “wholly-owned subsidiary” of my personal academic homepage – which is not, in its entirety, a blog – and so a blogroll is not appropriate for every single part of my website. So for now I’ve settled on making the blogroll appear on the top of the sidebar, but only on the blogging-related pages of my site.

To avoid any confusion: this list of blogs is not intended as an evaluative statement of any kind (à la “these are the best blogs” or whatever), nor is it even an endorsement of everything that these blogs have to say. It’s just the list of linguistics blogs that I read regularly or semi-regularly.

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