A “vignette” on phi-agreement in syntax

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Apr 172021
A while ago, I was asked to contribute something to the upcoming Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism. My initial thoughts about what such a contribution might consist of led me at the time to write a blog post about whether I should even be considered a minimalist syntactician at all. (Short … [read more] “A “vignette” on phi-agreement in syntax”
Mar 112021
It’s been longer than usual since my last blog post. I’ve been busy with various research- and teaching-related activities, which I love dearly, but which have kept me away from blogging. But I’m back with a doozy, length-wise. So strap in… (Also, it’s worth pointing out that this post is an extended … [read more] blogpost: Are individual syntactic terminals ever interpreted?”

Paulina Lyskawa defends!

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Jan 152021
I am proud to announce that my student Paulina Lyskawa (co-advised with Maria Polinsky) has defended her PhD thesis! The thesis, Coordination without grammar-internal feature resolution, presents an extended argument that so-called “resolved” agreement with coordinations (in those cases where agreement doesn’t target just the closest conjunct) is actually not … [read more] “Paulina Lyskawa defends!”
Dec 262020
I was reading some comments by Dan Milway about Chomsky’s recent UCLA lectures, and I realized something I hadn’t noticed before: committing oneself to the brand of minimalism that Chomsky has been preaching lately means committing oneself to a fairly strong version of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. Here’s why. Consider … [read more] blogpost: Noam Chomsky and Benjamin Lee Whorf walk into a bar…”
Oct 282020
From time to time, the term “ecological validity” is thrown around in connection with linguistic research. And you’d think I’d be calloused by now, but no: I’m astounded anew every time someone treats this as something that’s self-evidently desirable (and not, say, as anathema to how most science works). The term “ecological validity”, … [read more] blogpost: “Ecological validity””

Slides: “On the atoms of linguistic computation”

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Oct 142020
I’ve posted the slides for a guest seminar I gave recently as part of the More Advanced Syntax graduate course at MIT. These slides represent my latest thinking (as of Oct 2020, anyway) about the question of how syntax interfaces with morpho-phonology and with semantics. For those of you who are well-versed in some … [read more] “Slides: “On the atoms of linguistic computation””

New paper: “Taxonomies of case and ontologies of case”

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Sep 232020
I've posted a pre-print of a paper of mine that's set to appear in an edited volume. The paper is titled Taxonomies of case and ontologies of case. It is a theoretical review paper of sorts, and it has several intertwined goals … [read more]