New paper: “A re-evaluation of Arad’s argument for roots” (w/Ezer Rasin & David Pesetsky)

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Jul 102021
I've posted a pre-print of a paper of mine that's set to appear in an edited volume. The paper is titled Taxonomies of case and ontologies of case. It is a theoretical review paper of sorts, and it has several intertwined goals … [read more]

Rodrigo Ranero defends!

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Jul 082021
I am proud to announce that my student Rodrigo Ranero (co-advised with Maria Polinsky) has defended his PhD thesis! The thesis, Identity conditions on ellipsis, argues for a new perspective on the identity requirement underpinning ellipsis in natural language. Specifically, it argues that identity under ellipsis is irreducibly syntactic – at … [read more] “Rodrigo Ranero defends!”
May 242021
Artemis Alexiadou & Uli Sauerland have put forth a proposal recently for an alternative view of generative grammar, which they term the Meaning First Approach (MFA). The animating idea behind MFA is that the grammar is fundamentally a “compression” mechanism, which maps between complex (i.e., hierarchical) structures of thought on the one hand, … [read more] blogpost: There is no “meaning-first” alternative”