TAU-UMD joint workshop

 Posted by on 12/16/2014
Dec 162014

On December 16-18, I participated in a joint workshop with the linguistics department at Tel Aviv University (the same department where I got both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees!). The workshop had two “tracks” — the one I participated in was about resumptive pronouns: their syntax, their processing, their production, their acquisition, and how they are affected by various language impairments. The workshop also had a particular focus on how the contrasting linguistic properties of Hebrew and English can be used to shed light on these issues.

Jul 202014

I’ve posted the handout for a talk I gave at McGill University back in 2012, “Partial agreement and the direction of valuation.”

The talk shows why the cross-linguistically common asymmetry between (richer) agreement in SV structures and (poorer) agreement in VS structures – e.g. in Romance and in Semitic – does not constitute an argument in favor of Spec-Head agreement (nor in favor of “downward valuation” more generally). I show that this pattern falls out naturally from the theory of partial agreement outlined in my 2011 NLLT paper.

Download the handout here, or go to the talks & handouts page.

Teaching page updated for Fall 2014

 Posted by on 06/06/2014
Jun 062014

I’ve updated my teaching page with information about the course I will be teaching in the fall of 2014: Linguistic Field Methods (graduate, LING 659).