New paper: “A re-evaluation of Arad’s argument for roots” (w/Ezer Rasin & David Pesetsky)

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Jul 102021
I've posted a pre-print of a paper of mine that's set to appear in an edited volume. The paper is titled Taxonomies of case and ontologies of case. It is a theoretical review paper of sorts, and it has several intertwined goals … [read more]

Rodrigo Ranero defends!

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Jul 082021
I am proud to announce that my student Rodrigo Ranero (co-advised with Maria Polinsky) has defended his PhD thesis! The thesis, Identity conditions on ellipsis, argues for a new perspective on the identity requirement underpinning ellipsis in natural language. Specifically, it argues that identity under ellipsis is irreducibly syntactic – at … [read more] “Rodrigo Ranero defends!”

Slides: “Natural language without semiosis”

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May 172021
I’ve posted slides and other materials from my May 2021 guest lecture in Rajesh Bhatt’s class at UMass Amherst. (The contents are very similar to the contents of the talk I gave at the Göttingen Ling Colloquium one week earlier.) These slides represent my latest thinking – as of right now, anyway – about how syntax interfaces … [read more] “Slides: “Natural language without semiosis””

A “vignette” on phi-agreement in syntax

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Apr 172021
A while ago, I was asked to contribute something to the upcoming Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism. My initial thoughts about what such a contribution might consist of led me at the time to write a blog post about whether I should even be considered a minimalist syntactician at all. (Short … [read more] “A “vignette” on phi-agreement in syntax”