New paper: “The Anaphor Agreement Effect: further evidence against binding-as-agreement”

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Jan 152019

I’ve completed a draft of a new paper, titled “The Anaphor Agreement Effect: further evidence against binding-as-agreement.” This is based on, and supersedes, a recent talk I gave at the 1st Annual Thematic Workshop of Linguistics in Gottingen (LinG1) in Germany. You can read more about this project on my research page. […]  [read more]

Jan 072019

There is a rather persistent confusion in current linguistic literature that I would like to highlight, between what syntax is (the component of grammar responsible for those computations that are not reducible to sound and to meaning) vs. what syntax looks like (constituents, phrases, complementation, specifiers, c-command, etc.). […]  [read more]

Nov 242018

DISCLAIMER: I don’t think the following thoughts are particularly “revolutionary” – i.e., I imagine other people have thought (and maybe said) the same things before. But for what it’s worth, I’m a syntactician who has been in linguistics for years and I’ve only recently come to realize these things; so perhaps there are others like me out there who might still benefit from reading this. […]  [read more]

Oct 102018

There are several reasons why I started my own blog, after blogging over on Norbert Hornstein’s Faculty of Language (FoL) for a while. One of them is that I found the thematic content of my posts was actually not a terribly good fit for FoL. Norbert is very interested in big-picture cogsci and bio-cognitive themes. I love little morphemes and what makes them (syntactically) tick. These themes obviously make contact with one another, but I sometimes felt like an entomologist at a geophysicists convention. […]  [read more]

Tenure-track position for Dongwoo Park

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Aug 202018

I’m delighted to report that Dongwoo Park, my first ever PhD (co-)advisee, has accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at the Korea National Open University. […]  [read more]