Jul 252020
This is not so much a blog post as it is a collection of things that I think deserve your attention. As you will see, it is quite a self-serving list, in that several of these works provide evidence in favor of claims that I have also been arguing for. But hey, it's my blog, right? 😊 … [read more]

Suyoung Bae defends!

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Jul 032020
I am proud to announce that Suyoung Bae, my second-ever PhD advisee (co-advised with Howard Lasnik), has defended her thesis! The thesis is an investigation of Korean amwu-. Suyoung shows that this negation-dependent expression is neither a Negative-Polarity Item (NPI) nor a Negative-Concord Item (NCI), but instead, a third type of negation-dependent … [read more] “Suyoung Bae defends!”

Published in Glossa: “Functional structure in the noun phrase: revisiting Hebrew nominals”

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Jul 022020
My paper, “Functional structure in the noun phrase: revisiting Hebrew nominals,” has been published in Glossa. This paper revisits Ritter’s (1991) findings about nominals in Hebrew in light of recent proposals that nominal phrases lack outer functional structure and are instead projections of the noun (Bruening 2010, 2020 … [read more] “Published in Glossa: “Functional structure in the noun phrase: revisiting Hebrew nominals””
Jun 182020
For a while now, I have been pondering the prospects of a realizational/interpretive theory in which spellout to PF and spellout to LF involve separate collections of rules, and where individual spellout rules crucially map from sets of syntactic terminals to exponents or to meaning primitives. (For a given spellout rule to be applicable, … [read more] blogpost: Architecture and Blocking revisited”
Apr 262020
For the last ten years or so, Chomsky has been claiming increasingly often that the discrete bifurcation of expressions into “grammatical” and “ungrammatical” is incorrect. I think he is wrong, or at least that these claims are without any current basis. But before explaining why, it’s important to set some parameters of … [read more] blogpost: On so-called “degrees of grammaticality””
Apr 182020
Matushansky (2006) proposes to replace the head-adjunction mechanism of Government & Binding theory (call this “Theory1”) with a version that involves movement to a specifier position followed by “m-merger” of the specifier with the adjacent head (call this “Theory2”). One of the major selling points is supposed to be that Theory2 … [read more] blogpost: On the “interleaving” of morphology & syntax”