Dec 042017

I’ll be presenting at the 10th Brussels Conference on Generative Linguistics (BCGL 10) in Belgium. (This year’s theme: “The morphology and semantics of person and number.”) More details will be posted on my Talks & Handouts page.

The title of my presentation is: “Assessing the morphosemantic program for phi-features: the prospects of a cross-modularly stable representation.”

UPDATE: You can download my slides here.

Nov 052017

My paper, “What the PCC tells us about ‘abstract’ agreement, head movement, and locality,” has been accepted for publication in Glossa. This is a more detailed version of work I presented in talks at NELS 46, ZAS, and Stanford. You can read more about this project on my research page.

The paper can be downloaded here.

(Backup link in case lingbuzz is down: here.)

Jun 292017

I am proud to announce that Dongwoo Park, my first ever PhD (co-)advisee, has defended his thesis! The (excellent) thesis is titled When does Ellipsis Occur, and What is Elided?, and was written under the supervision of Howard Lasnik and myself.

Congrats Dongwoo!

May 232017

Here are some slides from a talk I gave for the general public as part of the 2017 LING commencement at the University of Maryland.

The topic of the talk is how there’s no such thing as “words” (borrowing heavily from the work of Alec Marantz and of Heidi Harley).