Selected Talks & Handouts


(for a complete list of talks, see my CV)

  • August 2015: “Case and agreement in generative grammar”
    • plenary lectures, 17th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar (SICOGG 17), Kyung Hee University — Seoul
  • January 2015: “Scales & Hierarchies as a Window into the Domain-Specificity Question”
    • invited talk, University of Maryland Language Science Center Winter Storm — College Park, MD
  • March 2012: “Syntactic ergativity in Q’anjob’al”
  • December 2011: “Against ‘crashes’: evidence from Kichean and Zulu”
    • invited talk, Ben-Gurion University Linguistics Colloquium — Beer-Sheva (Israel)
  • “The nature of syntactic computation: evidence from agreement”
    • January 2011: invited talk, LUCL Syntax Lab — Leiden (Netherlands)
    • March 2011: Polinsky Language Lab, Harvard University — Cambridge, MA
  • October 2010: “The origins of obligatoriness: evidence from agreement failures”
  • April 2008: “Breaking agreements: distinguishing agreement and clitic-doubling by their failures”
  • May 2006: “Feature-inheritance at the phase boundary”